Models | An artwork you can hold in the palm of your hand.
Photos | Miniatures are inspired by typical houses
Techniques | The prototype is crafted seeking maximum accuracy
Activities | Painting to the sculpture to complete the artwork
Gift ideas | There is a room in the smallest cottage for a happy loving pair
Blog | Everything about little house models and their real ones

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I’m an Italian sculptor making miniatures reproducing European traditional houses.
What I’m good at since I was a little boy is crafting miniatures with every little details.
Completely hand made, it takes about 50 hours for the prototype of a house and about 3-4 hours for refining and painting each single model.
Welcome to my miniature world.

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The Mystery of the Polish Blue Houses

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Old houses painted blue are a common sight in the polish countryside, with some variations as those where only the caulking between timbers is painted […]

Blog Posts

In this section you can read topics about models, original buildings and their places, travels and photos, sculpture and art, but also stories, oddities and everything about these little house models and their real ones. View more »

Models Description

Here are described the models. You can see the photos of each one and the close-up of their minute details. You can read the description of the miniatures and their features. You can also find reflections about the in-work projects. View more »

Photo Galleries

In this section are displayed photos and information about the real buildings that inspired these miniatures. You can also read about their history, folklore and regions, see images of their sceneries and more in the photo galleries. View more »

Techniques & Tips

You can see an overview of the techniques and the hand crafting to create a miniature model. There are focuses on the single phases: photography, sculpture, moulding and painting.
Schemes and videos tutorials are available here. View more »


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